23 August 2012

Wheels of steel (pt2)

Specialized Tricross 2012
So I got my new bike.  My Iceland bike.  Here's a photo of her with no clothes on! This time next week I'll have fitted mudguards, pannier mounts and cleated pedals.  In and around the bike tinkering I've been looking at sleeping bags, tents and other bike touring gadgetry.

A lot of people have asked 'why the fluff would you want to cycle around Iceland?'

Why not?


10 August 2012

Game on!

My wife and I shall be cycling a lap around Iceland next year, probably starting in June.

It's something I've been wanting to do for a while, since the first LEJOG attmept, and Rosie has got the cycling bug as well.  We went to buy special new Iceland bikes yesterday.  We're planning to use Specialized Tricross but will be giving them a test ride next week when Evans has ordered in a 'little' and a 'large'. 

Rosie suggested we procure some Olympic team kit, the sexy Adidas GB cycle wear.  Everywhere is sold out so I've emailed Adidas asking if they can help.... you never know :)  If any of you find any shops still selling it do let us know.

We'll be doing it for charity - justgiving page will open very shortly so watch this space.

10 months to go... more soon!